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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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((Doctor! The patient has been dead for over a month! Give me the defibrillator. Clear! Okay, we got a heartbeat!))

Oh my god, we have just got to swap stories sometime.

Noah quietly laughed when he heard Caedyn's response. He was glad that the person nearest to him reacted to that with amusement rather than disgust (although both would apply to Noah's imaginary sex life). He leaned slightly over to Caedyn.

"You don't want to hear about that," he whispered. "It's mostly tales of nights filled with tears, cheap vodka, and, occasionally, that last more than six minutes."

He leaned back to try and focus on the lecture. Michael Crowe asked about when they'd get to "the old ultraviolence" or the chainsaw action. Noah cracked a smile at his chainsaw mime.

"I dunno," Noah replied. "I'm more interested in the horror movies that really crush you. Not so much violent but psychologically disturbing. The ones where you have to step away and sit in silence after you watch them. You know, films like Rosemary's Baby, or The Haunting."

Noah paused.

"Or Troll 2."
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