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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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The guy made his case for why he was eyeing down unsuspecting people. Something about wanting to get away from it all and that sort. Nadia could understand wanting to disconnect for some time from all the cacophony of life, but something about this guy's choice in how to do so still made her uneasy. Sure, she wanted people to look at her in photographs, but this wasn't the same. It felt like the kind of unwanted attention from those guys who think all women should get on their knees because a guy would stare at her ass.

The boy then mentioned that she's in the park too. Nadia wasn't sure if that was supposed to be his retort to make her see that she was being as bad as he was. If it was, it wasn't a very good one. Still, Devil's Advocate said to consider that he was pointing out that she was in the park, getting away from the stress of life. She decided to roll with that instead of believing the guy was trying to put her on his level.

"That may be," she said, "but at least I'm producing something from it. I'm going home with photos for my website and maybe ideas and locations for a future photo shoot. I'm may have taken photos of you, but I'm not going to publish them. If I did, I'd probably make you as uncomfortable as you might make some people. And you wouldn't want that, right?"
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