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“I am our better half, after all,” Jasmine said, replying to Irene’s comment about genes. It was something that she kept saying to Jasmine every time the two greeted each other. She was pretty sure it was supposed to be a joke? If it was she didn’t find it very funny, but she didn’t really mind it. It was something they shared together, and she appreciated that. “And don’t worry, you’re not late.” She could feel Irene’s hands touch her back weakly. Jasmine chuckled, slightly. Irene had become a worse hugger over time, at some point as of late she'd only really been able to manage awkward grabbing. It still felt nice, though, even if it made Irene comfortable.

But after a second or two, she let go. The hug was starting to wear its welcome a little bit by this point. Plus, Irene might have gotten uncomfortable if she held on for a bit longer. Normally she’d hold on for however long she wanted to, mostly because she liked it when Irene got annoyed, but she was the honorary guest at the King household tonight, so she should be treated as a houseguest should; with care, dignity, and politeness.

Wait, hang on a moment, she was the guest! Jasmine was the one inviting her over! Tonight, she was a distinguished guest in the household; someone who should be treated with care and respect! Something like that, anyway; she doubted that Irene would really care too much about how she acted. Still, better safe than sorry, and she was showing off the place she lived to someone else, so it was better to act somewhat refined about it. She took a step back up through the door, stepping to the side slightly and raising her hands in a grand gesture. She chuckled, then. One of the freshman had done that when opening the door to drama club and they both couldn’t stop laughing about it behind his back through the whole session. God, that day had been great. She got the part she wanted, she got to laugh with Irene for a bit, and she had gotten an A on that English assessment. Really, this was also about them just sharing good memories together, in addition to all the other things. There was no way this night could go wrong.

“But anyway, as my guest, I implore you to take the first step inside my humble abode!”
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Oh, it's so sad to think about the good times, you and I... · Memories from the Past