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Noah continued to vogue to the song playing. The song was pretty cool for slower and more precise dancing. He could plan more of a buildup to the chorus, maybe find a place to work in a split. Until that time, he kept voguing to Sam Smith's vocals.

As he did, he looked over at Irene and noticed she had reached an arm out towards him. He wasn't sure if she wanted him to grab it and dance along. But then the thought came to him: dance with her. It'd probably be really corny and shit, but hey, he came with a girl to dance with her. Why not dance around with her?

"Alright, my dear," he said to Irene as he took her arm. "Let's dance."

Noah pulled Irene closer to him, pulling her so he could keep his grip on her arm and place his other hand around her waist. This wasn't the kind of song to waltz to (nor was Noah confident he could and was waltzing at the moment), but he began to lead Irene into a dance. He tried to make sure he wouldn't step on her feet, and began to motion her to start spinning in place with him.

"Now we're latching!" he declared.
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