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Cicada Days
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"I bring tribute of... uh... well at some point I was gonna bring something! I guess...!" If left to her own devices Irene would have continued to smash the door into wood pulp, continued to begin the well-formed ramble at hand about an offering of reading materials forgotten under the fuzzy bottom of her beloved Mrs. Fluffle. But rattling from the lock stopped her formless plans. And then rattling from the knob. And then rattling from the lock on the knob. A drawn out affair. Pretty much Irene's daily routine trying to leave the home. She wondered if that's why they had gotten along so swimmingly. Like it had all started, with Irene blithely commenting on Jasmine's choice of reading material. Essentially stalking her through half the school. Worth.

It had almost seemed like the days that Irene was occupied with other friends, Jasmine wasn't as engaged with stuff. Maybe. Irene probably read into it too much, or maybe didn't pay as much attention as she should have. Who knew? Not her.

The door finally slid open.

Wait fuck, there was another door.

Okay, now there were no more doors. Irene exchanged Jazzy's look with her usually confident grin. Wait, her finger guns were still engaged. Gotta put safeties on those bad boys. Irene clicked her fingers back into a more casual splay when there was suddenly a lot of Jasmine around her. Height difference, so Irene had good positioning to snap a hickey over Jazzy's neck if she was so inclined. Weird thoughts- especially since Irene wasn't sure what a hickey was save it having something to do with lips- but Irene honestly didn't mind entertaining them. Still though, more important things to do than daydream. Return hug. Try to minimize the awkward running of hands over fabric-lined form.

"Your genes make me look bad, Jazzy." Old in-joke, at least one Irene was trying to make happen. "I'm not late, am I?" Just in case she was Irene was already preparing the next ramble. Hot and fresh off the dissolving oven that was her brain. Hug kept going, as long as Jazzy would allow it. Irene liked to think there was no rush.

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Oh, it's so sad to think about the good times, you and I... · Memories from the Past