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Brendan was sweating a little after all that dancing with Alba. He never felt that exhausted after going out on his jogs or when he was running on the track team. He was glad that he and Alba were taking a break now. His feet were killing him. But he did enjoy his time with Alba on the dance floor. He was happy to be sitting down at a table with Alba and he placed down his cup of punch on the table. He hadn't taken a sip from it yet. He never had punch before so he was a bit hesitant to taste it.

"T-That was a lot of fun, Alba. I really enjoyed dancing with you." He smiled at her across the table. "M-Maybe we can do more dancing together later on."

Brendan glanced down at his cup of punch as Alba starting talking about it. He wasn't quite sure what to say about it. "I....I'm not sure. I think it would be nice if it had some fruit in it." He was looking a bit thoughtful as he was thinking about it. "Um.... Although, I think it would be more of the powdered kind. I never had punch before so...."

Brendan picked the cup back up and he took a small sip from it. Hm. It tasted a bit sweet. Maybe there was some fruit in it afterall. He could have been wrong.
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