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Of course! - she thought and she did and Lucilly took hold of the vacuum cleaner's dangerously swinging hose.

Benjamin elaborated on the meals his family feasted on. He admitted, the lack of time lead to the inevitable lack of flavor and variance. Yet such was secondary for Lucilly, for who was she to deny him the joy of hospitality?

Now curiosity got the better of Benjamin, for he inquired her about her status and the lack of status on Facebook. He spoke true, as Lucilly had little more to offer to the blue world than her name and her bare existence. She cared little, aside from times in which friends - foolishly perhaps - sought council via the messages of the Facebook, only for little Lucilly to neglect answering. Not out of any ill will or malice, but the simple fact that she did little to maintain the garden of modern communication.

"Ah, yes." They arrived in the living room, placing down the bulky tool. "I have failed to keep it in the now, and continue to do so. Perhaps that will change, yet I found little reason to do so."

She knew she had Lana and Benjamin registered as friends on the Facebook. Yet, she was unsure of how they worked on their social networks. After all, she saw so little of it.

"What fortune we still see one another in school, however."
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