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Smooth one, Whitley. Clumsy, quick fuck. Innuendo, or whatever. Hah hah, very funny. Irene did afford it a giggle but she also wistfully wished for any joke that didn't come off as totally awkward somehow. Irene's fucks were probably clumsy and awkward too. Not like she'd know from experience. Like, when was that ever going to happen in her lifetime?


Irene knew that sample. That white noise slide, that deep house rhythm. Latch. Deep House's brief 'oorah in the pop charts. One of her many 'summer of 2014' songs. She'd invented a dance for it, but that one had involved a lot of faux-marching that she just didn't have the space for. It had had a rather... steamy music video, which Irene remembered brief snippets of and thus nearly died on the spot. Stupid Sam Smith and his sultry vocals. 'If there are boundaries, I will try to knock them down'. In Irene's dreams. Ugh, why had she thought this was a good idea again? Stupid brain, leading her into situations.

Even as she slowly beat her mental self to death, executed it for high treason, she swayed not-so-gently to the song. Her rhythmic sashays were assured, methodical, confident. They betrayed a maturity she didn't actually have. Her arm extended Noah's way in instinctive search for someone's love to lock in. She didn't expect him to actually take it, wasn't even thinking such a move was on the table.


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