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Weird way of putting it. Dramatic, almost romantic. Like one of those ye olde English lines from the antique plays they'd sometimes cold read in drama club. Lucilly carried the prose better than most of the kids in drama though. Ben almost bought it when it came from her mouth, almost let himself get caught up in the moment. He smiled easy, a lax and lazy laugh loose on his lips.

"Not so much a struggle, except maybe for our taste buds. I mean I dunno what your folks feed you but in my house ramen's only for when nobody has the time to try anything else." Ben actually hadn't met Lucilly's fam that much. He knew Lucilly's dad was one of the leaders in the local Mormon temple and that Lucilly's mom had taught in Lana's elementary school when they'd moved in. She had two cute younger sisters... That was the extent of his knowledge. Damn. Pretty embarrassing that Ben didn't really know that much about one of his best and most helpful friends. Was there anyway to start learning that sorta thing without coming off as obvious and awkward? Maybe if he gave the right cue Lucilly would start talking of her own accord. He made a mental note to that effect, temporarily sacrificing one of his household chores on the altar of sociability.

"Alright let's move this out here..." Ben awkwardly toted the vacuum, a bulky and boxy contraption that seemed to defy all grip. "Could you grab the hose? Half afraid it's gonna knock something over if it's just swinging around like this." Good for hard-to-reach spots, not so good for easy transport. Nearly took a swipe at a side table with picture frames on it. If Ben recalled correctly he was forfeit to the buzzards if he knocked those over. Like pretty much all of the pictures in the house. Quiet reminders of moments in time so long ago...

"Hey, I'm curious. Do you not use your Facebook that much? I've noticed that you never seem to update it." Ben was fairly guilty of that himself, so he was the pot if Lucilly was the kettle. Most of his Facebook activity was in the form of Lana's tagging.

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