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He asked it. He breathed. In, out. He had put the question out there. Now it was time for him to find out whether she actually wanted to dance with him or not. He knew that she wanted to come here with him, she was the one who asked him if he wanted to come with her and she didn’t stand him up after they agreed to meet at the cafe before they both went back to the school. What she didn’t know was what she wanted to do here with him. They came here, feasted on the snacks, exchanged small talk for a bit, but nothing more than that. He was okay with that. Really, just being here next to the girl he loved, eating great food while good music played overhead. All he needed was for her to dance with him and then this night could be perfect. If they could just dance for a bit, even if it was only for one song or so, then he could leave tonight with a feeling of pure bliss.

And then she said yes.

She agreed to dance with him, holding out her hand for him. He took it, snapped his arm out just like that. She was dancing with him. She was going to dance with him and even if it was only going to be for a couple of minutes they could have fun together and the night would be great because he spent it having fun with the greatest girl in the world and it was great and it was perfect and there wasn’t going to be anything else better than this day.

Wait, what did he just do? She offered him her hand and he just reached out and yanked it. Oh no, was he too harsh? What did he look like? Was he weird in just doing it like that? He let go, taking a step back. Wait, was he blushing? He was blushing, wasn’t he? Oh god, if he looked weird before he looked weirder now. He needed to say something quickly before his body did something even worse

“Um, sorry if I was too hard… or something.”

He slowly reached out his hand again, not touching Lily’s, just in case she had changed her mind after his performance.
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