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Kizi steadied her balance, repeatedly reciting synonyms of 'thank you' to Conrad, throwing him a few grateful smiles, even adding in a few esoteric multilingual translations of the expression of gratitude, just to drive home the point. Truth be told she would have found her footing without Conrad's intervention, but she decided not to mention that.

She felt a bit of a fool. She was not clumsy, but moments like that created an unwelcome perception that she was. She had avoided heels that were too high, as she always did, but still felt slightly out of her comfort zone in these stupid shoes. That discomfort manifested itself in an uncharacteristic level of clumsiness.

"You guys can dance if you want," she continued, now back on her feet again, her chorus of 'thank yous' exhausted. "I can leave you guys to your dancing if you want, I just needed help with the Velcro situation."

She hastily added "the Velcro on my dress, not the fact that it's legally not called Velcro."
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