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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Noah continued to dance through the rest of the song. Irene was freed from his grasp and they could resume their dancing. The final electro breakdown was perfect to get some voguing and pop and locking mixed into mix. He did try to keep in mind his declaration to Irene, so he kept his feet planted in place, mostly leaving the dancing to his upper body and arms. It wasn't until Irene declared "Dance like fuck, Whitley!" that he started going further with his movements.

"Okay!" he replied to Irene. "I don't know how you 'dance like fuck,' but if it's like my fucks, it's clumsy and quick! So yeah, I can definitely do that!"

Noah chuckled at the bit of self deprecating humor there and paused for the next song to play.

"Ooh, 'Latch!' I like this song!" Noah declared.

As the first few beats of the Disclosure song played, Noah continued to move his body in an almost robotic fashion. It was his go-to movements for EDM songs, but it would be a nice, slower pace from that quick Ariana Grande song he just slayed. Plus, it was less likely it would end up killing him and Irene, so he was glad for that.
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