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Benjamin took the vacuum cleaner, and Lucilly had to hold back an foolish urge. No matter how many times they underwent their ritual of housekeeping, she felt the necessity to offer him for her to carry the more heavier appliances. It was not foolish because she was too frail for the cleaner - truly, it would be nothing but self-inflicted doom for any manufacturer to produce household objects the average woman could not carry - but it was foolish because she knew it would help his mind.

Certainly, some people had hesitations when it came to asking for help. Especially as such aid must enter deeply into a place many consider sacred. Perhaps, Lucilly thought, Benjamin would feel worse off if she insisted on carrying the vacuum.

Benjamin asked her about plans she would have later. It would be a lie to say that she did not, though one could argue that she was using a different definition of a plan. Either way, she would gladly help him, even if such help consists of eating food. She offered him a smile.

"Of course, I settled on this. Whatever struggle you had to endure for today, you can endure together with me."
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