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((Timeskip approved))

After a few rounds of dancing, Alba had led Brendan to a nearby table for a short break. Alba wasn't used to wearing heels, and it was starting to wear her out. If she had worn sneakers or roller blades, she probably would be handling this a lot better, but this was a new feeling. As the thought of roller skating around the dance floor entertained her, she slipped her feet out of her shoes and started rubbing her feet together under the table.

"Man, I'm beat," Alba said.

Alba took a sip of punch from the cup ahead of her. She made sure she and Brendan got some punch before they sat down.

"Hey, do you think this punch is powdered, or homemade?" she asked Brendan. "I usually only drink the powdered stuff, but I wonder if they shelled out extra bucks for real fruit and shit."
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