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Irene Djezari
Pregame Start

"... And he's looooong gone..."

Dun-dun-dun, dun-dun-dun, dun-dun-dun.

"... When he's neeext to me..."

Man, this had been the song that Irene had torn it up to her Freshman Homecoming dance. Gone by herself because, literally, fuck the man.

No, not that way.

Eyes on eyes on her as she'd wiggled things that she didn't even know were wiggle-able. Good memories, totally. Apparently T-Swift would be coming out with a new album sometime later that year. Definitely on the 'check the fuck out' list, along with a million other things Irene hadn't quite gotten around to yet. The article on Huffington about about wage equality. The third movie in the Rebuild of Eva series. The book she needed from the library to finish her history essay due last Tuesday. Someday she'd be checking the fuck out of all of those things. But today she had a sleepover to go to.

With a song and a dance, no less. Every step towards an old friend's home was in slightly off-tempo harmony to the voice blasting out of her earbuds. She didn't cross at crosswalks more than she did Micheal Jackson spin across them, sometimes nearly causing gridlock when it took her twenty seconds to move a couple of meters. People saw, smiled or otherwise. Irene only fed on their usually indifferent reactions. They didn't have music in their souls, in their auditory cortexes, like she did. No time to be embarrassed, she was too busy embarrassing herself.

But yeah. Sleepover! Jasmine was nice. Biggest try-hard ever, but that was just totes cute. Jasmine was pretty cute.

Yes, in that way.

It was just an inkling of a crush, nothing more. Green eyes, that shit was emerald. Of the Pokemon variety. It was a bit awkward, to say the least, but Irene was well assured by Tumblr by that point that girls were just as healthy an option as guys. Didn't meant she felt in anyway disposed to act on it. They were friends. The more mushy feels were recent. As inclined as she was to jump headfirst, dive into the shallow end of the pool, it just seemed right to... relax. Feel it out. Jasmine already probably knew Irene had the thing with her sexuality, probably enough reblogs flooding her Tumblr to that effect. No need to say anything more direct. Or however the whole 'hey notice me' thing even worked.

"Now I'm lying on the cold hard ground!" With that wub Irene tossed herself into the air, almost more feet-first than head-first, and landed lightly on her soles on the King's front door. Finger guns pointed right at a nonexistent audience hiding behind the thick veneer of the front door. Was Irene late? Jazzy was probably going to hate that. But then they'd hang out and watch Sherlock (the best third of the Superwholock abomination) and all would be forgiven. Maybe. Irene wasn't going to worry about it. Just go ahead and knock. Loudly, ferociously, she'd probably break the door down herself within the minute so eager she was to announce her presence.

"The Princess has arrived, Jazzy!"

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Oh, it's so sad to think about the good times, you and I... · Memories from the Past