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It was pretty embarrassing, that Lucilly got quasi-regular looks at the Fields home at it's worst. No matter how many times she appraised the disaster zone Ben half-flinched every single time. Useless urge to shoo her out with weak ass excuse was well resisted though. Whether it reflected poorly on his skills as a homekeeper or not, Ben knew the mature course of action was clear. He needed help, someone offered it of the good of her heart. Pride was for people without mouths to feed.

"... but we will see that the effect will be enormous." Okay seriously, who talked like that?

Lucilly Peterson, that was fucking who. And Ben wouldn't be forgetting it.

Ben didn't even need to guide her, he was half convinced Lucilly knew the layout of his home better than he did. He just followed, eyes carefully taking notes on what had to be done for the hundredth time as he passed each disaster zone. Wax the living room tables, move Mom's work papers into the filing cabinet, steam the couch cushions, boil the broccoli for tonight's ramen... List went on and on. It was already just a brain slush of words by the time they were in the laundry room, staring down an intimidating flotilla of cleaning supplies. Ben grabbed the steam vacuum, hefting the bulky contraption with ease.

"You have plans for later? If you don't mind Nissin I'd be more than down with sharing dinner. Seriously, we're drowning in fucking ramen. We could use the help." Wax the living room tables, move Mom's work papers into the filing cabinet, steam the broccoli, boil the couch cushions for tonight's... Wait, fuck.


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