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He was alright he said and he was working he said. Lucilly nodded cheerfully and admired the clean surfaces which have already been worked on by the diligent Benjamin. He directed her gaze unto the staircase, and the staircase directed most vulgar words back at her. It was Lana, of course. Lana, who was present. Lana, who would be missing.

Benjamin praised her in words, and he inquired her about which of the grim challenges would be overcome at first. Lucilly looked and judged the habitation she stood in. She judged to be fair what was clean already, and yet she saw great darkness looming. Darkness in the form of dirt and scraps and slips of strange papers strewn with abundance across the rooms.

"Let us take care of the floor first," she said. "It might be tedious and loud, but we will see that the effect will be enormous."

And with that, Lucilly set out to find the vacuum cleaner.
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