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"Hook and loop fastener, huh?"

Conrad gave Clarice a smile after her comment and Kizi appeared to fall to the ground. Was it because of her shoes? It did not matter, as Conrad quickly reached his arm to let her fall on his arms instead of letting her fall on the ground, while making a quick pant sound as he hurried to her position. Hopefully, everything was fine.

He quickly worried about...Nothing, really. What should he worry about? There is nothing wrong with helping a friend's face not meeting the floor.

Clarice was right. If the three of them do not dance together (how would that even work?), the bar would be a better place to go, to chat.

"I am not hungry or thirsty yet, but we can certainly go to the snack bar, there!"

He pointed at the snack bar. Hm, maybe it would have been better if Conrad and Clarice continued dancing instead of chatting with Kizi. This could ruin Conrad's evening.
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