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Coleen was done, and so were any chances of getting rid of her.

Vanessa could’ve egged her to keep going, demanded that she finished what she start and not skip an opportunity to fuck up in front of everyone, but that was stupid and she knew it. The room was still reeling from that performance that had blown all of Vanessa’s expectations to shit, and trying to force the vibe to change by getting the music going again would solve fuck all.

Her nails were still digging into her arms, tensing tighter and tighter.

Coleen hadn’t even messed up on the words. She’d only needed to see the song once to know the whole thing, whilst it took her like four tries to even get through the first verse sometimes. Hell, even she couldn’t remember how Smoke on the Water was actually meant to go without reading the lyrics again first, but from sound alone Coleen seemed to have nailed it.

No, no way. She must’ve skipped a line or dropped some words or made some of that shit up. That was the only thing that made more sense.

But she knew that she wasn’t true, and her nails tensed tighter and tighter.

Everyone else in the room looked pretty damn impressed, too. Of course Cams was all smiles, Cams must’ve had the fucking hots for this girl or something with how much she loved Coleen more than Vanessa suddenly. BB was just doing that thing she always did, hanging back and acting all diplomatic, but all she was really doing was staying out of it. Didn’t matter, she knew that she liked Coleen too: BB always did have a thing for freaks. And she didn’t even need to look at Brady to guess that he was all smiles by then, too.

Everyone liked her more than her, and she was going to get shafted right there and then.

She was trembling, and her nails tensed tighter and tighter.

Blood was drawn.
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