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((Jeremy Frasier, continued from Top 10 Reasons SotF is the show YOU should be watching! ✓✓✓))

Walking quickly down the upper hallways of Cochise High School, Jeremy kept his eyes paired on the classroom that he had been in, like, a thousand times by now? Maybe. Probably not literally a thousand times but still more than he could count. He came here around 7-8 times a week, depending on where his periods lined up. Oh well, who knew? More importantly, who really cared? Well, Jeremy did, but it wasn’t like he was going to remember this mental conversation tomorrow. Unless Groves started the session asking everybody how many times they’ve had to go into the music room, he was probably going to think this exact same thing a few months later and still have no idea. Oh well, again, not like he’d remember this.

Jeremy dodged his way past a couple of students walking the other way, and reached the music classroom. He opened the door - knowing that Groves was cool with students entering the room outside of class time so long as the room didn’t get trashed - and hey, it seemed like he was the first one to get here! Jeremy entered the empty classroom, placing his bag on the floor, and walked across to the cupboard where he had placed his violin before school. He tried to pull it out, but Groves had apparently locked the door. Figuring that somebody would come and unlock the door soon, he decided to go back to his bag. He was the first one here after all, so that gave him dibs on the piano near the front for a bit. Considering he had a piano lesson today, he figured that he may as well get some extra practice on something before then.

So he went to his bag, opened it up, and checked to see if he had put a music book in his bag or not. If he didn’t then he’d likely have to try and do a song by heart and God knew that that wouldn’t work out well for him. Luckily, it turned out that there was a piano book in the back of his bag. Contemporary Disney: 50 Songs from The Little Mermaid to Hannah Montana. Oh right, this book. Jeremy wasn’t really into this particular book (the only reason it was in his bag was because someone else wanted to take a look at it), mostly because nearly all of its arrangements were just the vocal line adapted into chords with a bunch of long notes in the left hand. The fact that about a fifth of the songs were dedicated to High School Musical and Hannah Montana, and the fact three more fifths of the book were the award bait songs that he didn’t like but everyone else did didn’t do any favors either. Still, there were a couple good arrangements in there, mostly for songs that didn’t have any vocals, so he'd be okay with using this book today.

Taking the book out of his bag, he walked up to the electric piano in front of the desks. He pulled the seat out, opened the lid (placing the book on the stand), and flipped through the pages, looking for a song that he could play. Eventually (after like, 200 pages of songs that he wasn’t interested in) he found one. The Medallion Calls; composed by… Klaus Badelt? Not Hans Zimmer? Huh, that was a surprise. He thought Hans Zimmer had done all of the Pirates movies. Anyway, it was still a good arrangement - not too hard but likely not going to be too easy either - so he started playing.

It was a pretty simple song to play, really. Just staccato’d chords in the left hand while the right hand played the melody. Still, it wasn’t a bad arrangement; it was kinda fun to play, actually. He allowed himself to go into the trance he normally went into while he was playing, only paying attention to his hands and the book as his fingers tapped against the keys.

He didn’t notice when the door opened again. He was too deep into the piano for him to hear the creak.
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