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“Oh, I’m Joshua. Joshua Bracewell,” Joshua said, simultaneously answering both of Jane’s queries by lifting Lani’s container and offered it to her as he spoke. “And sure! They’re free for anybody, honestly.”

In his efforts to ensure everybody was aware the citrus balls were free for all, Joshua almost forgot to take one for himself. Not wanting to offend Lani, nor have her believe his thanks was anything less than the sincere gesture it was, he plucked the nearest one up and popped it into his mouth. As he bit down, he was immediately greeted by a cocktail of flavours dancing delicately across his palate. He swallowed the remainder after a few more bites, savouring the lingering sweetness in his mouth.

“Wow, Lani!” He gushed, “these are fantastic! You and your mum have done an amazing job!”

Unfortunately, it was shortly after that moment that Nate apologetically announced he had to leave their group, hurriedly slinging his bag over his shoulder before bolting from the library.

“Bye Nate!” Joshua offered the other boy a quick wave as he dashed from the room, leaving a stack of textbooks behind in his wake; with the speed at which he rushed away, he couldn’t be sure Nate had even heard him, let alone seen his gesture. Poor guy – he must’ve been in a real hurry to forget about his books. Joshua could only hope none of them were particularly important, but he made a mental note of their titles just in case Nate didn’t return for them before their session was over and the group dispersed. If he didn’t, Joshua planned on returning them to their respective shelves himself, not wanting to leave any extra work for the library staff.

Turning his attention back to Lani and Jane, Joshua opted to ask the latter a question that’d been resting at the back of his mind since her presence in the room had been first brought to his attention.

“So, what brings you to the library on such a nice afternoon, Jane?”
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