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She'd looked, and looked away. Not today, looked liked. Well maybe she'd change her mind later, maybe Lana and Ben would be having a guilty junk food dinner. She'd looked, now to him. Ben nodded casually. Typical Lucilly response, kinda weirdly stilted but in an adorable way as opposed to some of the ridiculous B.S some of the other kids in the school could spew.

"Good to hear." Lacking on the specifics, but eh. "Day's been alright. Tried to keep it busy at least, I've managed to wipe down most surfaces in a two-something block radius. Lana's probably going to be M.I.A for most of the afternoon." Ben jerked a thumb up the stairs, the gesture punctuated by another brace of colorfully vulgar complaints from the aggravated tween stomping around in her room. Almost blush worthy. There was that high English grade at work. At some point Ben figured he had to sit Lana down and talk about the sailor mouth. But he had more immediate matters to attend to.

"So yeah. As per usual, thank you for legit being the best ever." Delivery of that usual thanks and praise had been a bit awkward, but heck, it was hard not to be awkward with your uncompensated savior. Ben cleared his throat. "Well I guess... What do you wanna work on first? How long did you say you'd be able to help out this time?" Before she went off to save the day somewhere else, doubtlessly.

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