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The door opened. It was opened and Lucilly was greeted by Benjamin. She was greeted by the warm and earnest smile of his. She was greeted by the sweat on his brow as a testament to his hard work. And she was greeted by a violent stench entering her nose. A mixture of cleaning detergents, she would hazard a guess. A mixture of cleaning detergents, and a cacophony of smells whose origin lied in the obscure realm beyond human wisdom.

He smiled. She smiled. He bid her to enter, and so she did enter. He offered her the sweet temptation of candy. She stepped further into the Fields' home, and glanced with a curious eye into the kitchen. As her eyes met the table of the kitchen, she smiled knowingly and turned away. Away from the kitchen, from the temptation of sweets and the taint of spilled breakfast, and to the boy who requested her aid.

"My day has been great, and I am sure it will be greater still. How has your day been?"
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