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"Personally, I can't imagine having that kind of time!"

Yeah 'cause she was too busy having the time to be Miss Save The World. Abby was essentially awesome, Irene had long ago decided, awesome to the point of being kind of intimidating. Even her family sich maximized the Tumblr points.

"I mean I totally get you there. I saw it on a blog." Irene half spoke straight over Abby, eager as always to put her thoughts to less-than-cohesive voice. "Lot of blogs, actually, there's like legitimately some differences in how some structures in the brain work between your average conserva-"

And then the mood suddenly, briefly, but more than perceptibly took a turn for the dour. More Tumblr points incoming, likely. Irene's mood proved as quicksilver as her everything else, the lips parted into a laugh mere moments prior sealed Ziploc tight. The rant that had been crystallizing imploded with a pathetic and noiseless squeal. What Abby had just said... No time to think over what had to be said. Just say it.

"Pick up the pieces... you're speaking from experience, aren't you?"

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