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Hopefully he'd finish the stairs before Lucilly's knock at the door.

Well fuck that. Ben shouted for a moment of patience, of the million Lucilly probably had stowed away somewhere on her person. He vaulted up, carefully stowed the rag away in a pocket of his beat-up jeans. One hand kept the shirt up like a gas mask around his mouth, he only dropped it when he was down the stairs and opening the door. Still didn't cover up all the skin he had to display, but close enough. Lucilly had seen him in this informal a state several times before, it was no biggie.

"Lucilly, hey!" Curt but warm greeting, Ben wearing a smile that narrowly touched the sweet spot between inviting and creepy. Door was opened all the way for her and Ben was stepping aside, no hesitation. His hands still felt all waxy, he was going to leave prints everywhere if he wasn't careful. At least they'd be particularly shiny and polished prints. He wiped down on the thighs of his pants, waited for Lucilly to enter before he closed the door and followed.

"If you're in the mood for temptation I got a couple of your faves on the kitchen table." Said table was also a sore spot, a blight upon the Fields homestead that needed tending to. How Lana could make that much of a mess out of a simple bowl of cereal was beyond Ben. "How's today treated you so far?"

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