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In hindsight, Fiyori half-expected Brendan to die of shame and the ground to swallow his earthly remains, still ashamed. He still put on his very best impression of a tomato. Yeah, that dude was gay as fuck. Or was he? She didn't recall Rick giving him his number, so she guessed he wouldn't get as flustered.

Well, no. She was pretty certain.

She offered him the slip of paper. She, too, tilted her head, ready to ask a question. But giving out a number was something to end the conversation. And so she would.

"So, Brendan. I gotta go. See you around in school. Maybe."

She waved at him, and turned around to leave. A glance to the side, and she could see some people breathed a sign of relief. Got another chuckle out of her, but by then she already left Larson's.

The road by the shop was clear, mostly. She looked to the right, and saw not a single car coming. She looked to the left. There was an SUV, red and old and pretty rusty too. But it seemed slow, and far away. She figured the distance was enough. Enough for the road to be safe to cross.

Fiyori Senay smiled, put back some of her stray hair, and placed her foot on the pavement of the road.

She could hear the car honk as it passed her. She could feel the wind surge clawing on her leg. And she could hear herself thinking... almost.

[Fiyori Senay, continued in The Library Is The Powerhouse Of The Student]
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