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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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Irene was still in good spirits, so she didn't seem to mind the mix up. Abby was worried for a bit there that she could have been, or that she'd be embarrassed, some folks kind of fumble over that kind of thing and get caught up in the details and don't rightly know how to talk about it or move on. She was glad that Irene wasn't one of those types, though, it made talking to her so easy. Why hadn't they hung out more before?

"Y'know, I don't rightly understand it myself. Some people just have to involve themselves in what they don't understand, I suppose? Someone's always trying to run somebody else's life, as if their not busy enough sortin' through their own. Personally, I can't imagine having that kind of time!"

Her bright smile darkened as the shadows of Shelley danced across her thoughts. "I guess it's not too surprising, though. Some people...it just don't take somebody being different or strange to them, they'll hurt any old body they feel like. Even people they're supposed to love." She tried to force a smile and shake the shade out of her head as she looked back up at Irene. "Not much you can do than try to pick up the pieces they leave behind, though."
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