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[[Technically correct: Enter Lucilly Peterson]]

Lucilly Peterson was a helper. She aided. She bore one's burdens. She eased one's sorrow and lessened one's pain. She tended to children. She tended to her friends. The thick and the thin. The tall and the short. The smart and the shy. The ones who burned with passion and the ones who treated with care.

Because she loved mankind. And mankind loved her.

Benjamin Fields asked her. And she would ask him. Not the same question, but an important one nonetheless.

He asked her for assistance. He asked her to give unto him gentle words and offer a steady hand. There was chaos in the lives of Lani and Benjamin Fields. At the very least, chaos spread in their homes. But they were friends. And who is Lucilly to deny a friend the aid they need to find order?

She stepped towards the door. She came closer. She knocked.
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