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[Fiyori Senay, continued from somewhere I figure out once Pregame's dead and gone]

Fiyori was in a good mood. A damn good mood. Surprising, since she was just talking with her mother. It was a strange conversation. But, at least it didn't turn into some immature shouting match. Or a battle of insults. Birikti asked her about the alcohol at Junko's party. Without knowing the truth, Fiyori said that Junko wasn't a booze person. Her mother, of course, had a witty retort ready. Something about how Fiyori'd be the one to supply all the drugs. And yet, she smiled at Fiyori. Not the reaction she was expecting, but she wouldn't complain about that.

Still, a shame she wasn't as good at hiding the stuff as Fiyori thought.

She arrived at the campsite. The sky has long since turned to dusk, and she could spot the campfire already. Oh, there was food too! Good. Really, she cared more about that than what little spirits Junko was able to summon.

Ah, but she did care about the demons.

"Darius, what a surprise!"

Fiyori continued her slow stroll. Gave the group of people a quick glance, and then decided to ignore Darius.
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