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Oh, nevermind. Raina had grabbed the Monster can before Junko was able to. Well, that was one thing taken care of. Anyways, Darius had seemed eager for shotgun. Raina, however, had to deal with parents when she got home. Junko understood completely. Hell, if Koharu and Sarah found out about the booze she’d… well, she wasn’t sure what she’d do. It depends on how they’d react. Not well, probs. But eh. For some reason, Darius had decided to make a PA comment about Raina picking up trash. Did they have beef? She’d better keep an eye on that, so that it doesn’t devolve into catfights. Wait, is “catfight” a good word when one of them is male?

“There’s some skewers on the table!” Junko called out to Wayne Cox, then back to the duo. “Anyways… I could set shit up for that once we have more people?”

She wasn’t sure how to respond to Darius’ asides, but someone else had other plans. Well, multiple someone elses. Those plans emerged in the form of a hug and a barrage of questions, followed by a New Jersey accented shout in greeting a few feet away.

“Oof. Hey Jonathan,” Junko replied.

Junko didn’t like to be hugged all that much. Being so short and tiny meant that hugs were only a reminder of that sometimes. Luckily, Jonathan wasn’t that much bigger than her.

Once Jonathan let go, she added in “And hey Michael!”

Oh, a pun? That got her attention.

“Eh, I’m not going to Wayne about that joke, Darius”, she said.

Not the best she could come up with on the fly, but it’ll do.

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