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“Why would they insist on everyone using a much less catchy name? That's bad advertising.”

Clarice gave a similar grin to the one Kizi gave them while explaining about her dress. “Hey, no judgement, I grabbed my dress second-hand. At least you know the chances are low that someone died in yours. Granted, probably the same with my dress, too, but you never know.”

Clarice considered initiating a high-five for being a part of the second-hand club, but Kizi stumbled before she could do so. Probably best she hadn't. She might have knocked her over.

“You alright? Maybe the dance floor's not the best place to be chatting. We could all move over there. They got drinks and all that.”

Dancing was the best when it was just her and Conrad, but maybe just relaxing for a bit would work well. She didn't want to accidentally third-wheel Kizi or anything by dancing around with Conrad while Kizi joined in the conversation. Being the third wheel could suck, sometimes. (She knew the feeling. Two of her best friends were dating, and she really liked both Ty and Bernadette but, man, sometimes hanging with those two got super lonely.)
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