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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Noah continued to dance around, not the least bothered by Irene's criticism of Pina. He merely laughed at the notion that her immediate response would be one of scorn towards a character. He didn't really care at this point, and was more interested in how annoyed she could get. But there wasn't time for that; Irene was going to show off her best move.

She moved forward and jumped, arms flailing. Noah raised an eyebrow. Was that it? Just jumping like at the end of a John Hughes movie? Then she did it again, but this time rolled her body forward. She did a flip. Noah cheered at that. That was an impressive move, especially with heels. Noah clapped his hands.

"Good job, girl!" he shouted.

Irene stumbled back to him proud, but then tripped and fell towards him. Noah instinctively held his arms out and caught her. Noah tried to hold her carefully, letting her adjust herself.

"Okay, I think we got our crazy moves out of the way," he said. "Let's just get through this song without killing ourselves."
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