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Brendan smiled at Fiyori as she was laughing with him. She had definitely made him feel better. It was better then he moping around in self-pity. He didn't want to be that guy forever. He needed to come out of that shell and stop being such a pushover over for other people. He had noticed that. He couldn't be a wet blanket anymore. He needed to be more confident and loud. He wouldn't be surprised if he still continued to say sorry to people because that was just the way that he is. He couldn't change that. Maybe not now. But maybe one day.

"I can come over to your home...?" Brendan asked as he tilted his head a bit. He had never been to another girl's house. Expect Bernadette's. And he was hoping to go to Alba's soon. He watched as Fiyori got out a paper of pen and paper and she was writing something down. Oh. Oh. Her phone number.... "O-Of course! I would call you before showing up unexpectedly. N-Not that I could would turn up unexpectedly.... I mean.... T-Thank you, Fiyori...."

He was getting red in the face again. Not a good impression to a girl who just give him her phone number. He didn't want to do that to other people. He was looking like such a dork. "I-I will give you a call. Definitely!"
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