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Lily responded to his answer, agreeing with him on the fact that the cake was easily the best of the foods on the table. He turned his head around, and looked at the food that had been placed on the table. It was an assortment of different cakes and biscuits, with a couple of tarts and meaty things near the center of the table, He had tried nearly everything on the table, and everything he had tried tasted pretty good! Not as good as the things he served at Vacanti’s, of course, but these were a worthy substitute. He was also kinda happy that there weren’t any chip bowls on the table; since then he could actually focus on the other things on the table. He liked chips, which was kind of a problem. Give him a bowl which he could eat freely and he’d devour half of it before he realised what was happening.

He took a sausage roll from the platter on the table and turned his head back towards the people dancing. They seemed to be enjoying themselves, a little more than how much Alvaro was enjoying himself right now. Again, that wasn’t to say that he wasn’t enjoying himself here, because he really was. The music was nice and he could get behind the atmosphere. He just kinda felt… obligated to dance with Lily. It was the school dance, and if the material he had read told him something the guy always danced with the girl he asked out. Plus, the name of the event was the Sadie Hawkins Dance, so he wanted to dance with Lily at some point. Wait, not wanted. Had. It wasn’t quite prom, but it was still one of the last chances he had to do this, so at the risk of feeling like a broken record he had to do it at some point.

And then Lily asked him about what he was going to ask her before she interrupted him. “Oh! Um…” Was it a problem if he was too forward with this? He wanted to dance but he didn’t want to force Lily into it if she didn’t want to. Did she want to do it? He wasn’t sure. As soon as they both came in she decided to back away from the massive cluster of people and decided to hang out here for a bit. How would she feel if he asked her to dance with him? Again, not sure. He could always just ask if she was okay with it, though. He could do it, and it wasn’t like she’d leave him if it was a bad question.

“It’s nothing. I just wanted to know if you wanted to dance at some point.”
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