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The reaction Jerry had to his leg kick was great comedy. His attempt to play it off was also spectacular, if immediately spoiled as soon as he put his leg down.

Now Jerry had an idea of what was going on he seemed much more cautious. Trav couldn't blame him for that, after all leg kicks sucked. Thing was if Jerry wasn't going to actively go after him, and it didn't look like he was in the post-leg kick world, Trav would have to lead.

Leading was always an issue because that offered you benefits and drawbacks.

Benefit: you had a much easier time controlling the pace.

Drawback: you were opening yourself up to counters.

On the other hand Trav very much doubted Jerry had enough footwork to combat the proper use of feints and angles. His karate stance was a key element of Trav coming to that conclusion.

Karate stances tended as a general rule to be mainly side-on so were very narrow, a result of how competition karate had developed, turning was not a strong suit of a karate stance. Stepping forward Trav threw out some feints as well as a couple of long rangy jabs to keep Jerry guessing, none of them were coming at full power, that wasn't their point. The idea was to make sure Jerry never got settled and never knew what was going to be coming his way next. As Trav closed the gap more he threw out a looping right hook, no power or intent to hurt but it was a distraction and helped keep Jerry in place as he sent a left cross straight down the pipe.
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