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The soulful riffs of the hook and bridge bounced around in Coleen's head, her hips and head rocking to a beat only she could hear. After a few seconds, her eyes shot open.

"So... yeah. Is that enough of the song?" Coleen asked, allowing herself to slip out of the zone and look about the room. She was being stared at, which was uncomfortable in its own right, enough so that she worked to reset her hair and cover the scarring. She kept her other eye dancing between BB, between Cameron, between Brady and... of course, Vanessa.

Cameron was easy to gauge the reaction of. She was clearly pleased and wasn't doing much to hide it. BB and Brady were tougher, but Coleen felt positively. There was still the issue of Vanessa, though. Coleen's cheeks felt a bit hot and, once her hair was completely back in place, she stooped to pick up her water and take another sip.

"I, uh," she stumbled to find the perfect way to begin. "I can sing whatever you really want me to. I mean... I've never written songs before but you guys have." She needed something... anything to get Vanessa's eyes off of her, or at least to erase that scowl. "S-So, uh, that's me, but what about you guys? You jam, right? I really want to see how that works!"
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