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"Barely", he repeated with smile.

Holy shit, Raina was tsundere. Without the dere. She was tsun. She was literally Ha-TSUN-e. And she threw his can into the bin. She was such a great environmental activist. Give her a golden star. Will she go with hipster glasses the next time he sees her in school? Will she walk with apple products to school? Is her hair coloured with organic products? Had she just saved Kingman from being buried in litter?

"Thank you very much, Raina, my heroine!...Yeah, Junko, we could play shotgun. But please pay attention that no cups will land on the ground afterwards. Cause that wouldn't be decent.", he added while he clapped with his hands at the glorious act of Raina. Then, he noticed that Michael and Jonathan also finally arrived. Not late, but later than Darius expected. Yeah, he actually couldn't judge, considering that he forgot to go to a paintball match one time. "Welcome to the party, Crowe and Jon."

Turning to Michael and Jonathan and replying for Wayne, he explained who the hot dog guy was.

"That's W. After some cans of beer he'll see double you."

He joked, pointing with two fingers at the two of them while laughing loudly.
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