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Wait, had he been about to say something? Had she interrupted? Great. Now she was being rude, too.

“True. Not much is better than cake.”

She looked around at the people dancing. She could see Alessio around, talking with some others at one of the other food tables. Good plan. She hadn't seen any other friends, yet. Nor had she seen any cousins, which was odd given that she had a veritable legion of them. Haley had mentioned an anti-SH party to her, so they were probably at that. But who knew, where the others were concerned?

She felt anxious. That was ridiculous. She'd feel fine if she was here alone. Or if she and Alvaro had gone as friends. But she didn't feel any better about this date situation than she did when she'd first suggested it like an idiot.

“Uh… sorry, were you going to say something? I didn't mean to interrupt.”

She stuck the remainder of the cookie in her mouth. They really were pretty good.
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