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"Thanks," Kizi replied, taking back the piece of Velcro, before realising she did not have a pocket to put it in. Looking around for somewhere to put it, just in case the occupant of the bag or shoe wanted it back at any point, she decided to stick it on her side. She could take it off when she needed to, and it'd just rustle up a few strands of the fabric. No biggie. "Yeah, apparently it's called hook and loop fastener. That's the technical name. Which is stupid, but the Velcro company doesn't want it to become a generic term, so we should probably, y'know, do what they want? To be nice?"

She patted the hook-and-loop fastener now hanging from her side.

"And thanks! It's a hand-me-down, not gonna lie," she said grinning, as if confiding a saucy secret. "Lisha wore it to her prom. Luckily we're roughly the same size. To be honest, when Olabode's prom comes around, we'll probably hand it down to him, so gotta take care of it."

Oh wait no. Olabode didn't wear dresses. Probably wouldn't wear one to his prom.

She hoped they wouldn't notice her gaffe, and tried to cover her gaffe by smiling at the compliments, which were probably quite unwarranted. "But really, thanks!" She twirled around, pretending to egotistically bask in their praise, but almost stumbled to the ground on her way back round.

"Whoops!" she stumbled forward, barely recovering her balance.
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