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Had anyone even seen that?! With the arms bending and the leg pushing and the falling and the not-dying?! Alesso (correctly spelled, Alessio, as much as Irene loved the progressive house producer that dude did not go to a dance this lame), Alvaro, Brendan, Kizi, any of the other familiar faces on or around or somehow in the presence of the dance floor?! Noah fanning himself was apropos, because damn was that move hot. Hot as he was. Irene knew she was wearing a blush, fuck it she didn't care. No way was it visible with all the awkwardly dim mood lighting.

"... You should see me do that in six inch heels."

"Fuck off, Pina." That had come out of nowhere. Even Irene had been surprised by how fast her lips had split, parted nice and Moses-like, to issue that curt retort. Somewhere in Irene's brain there was still the ever-ticking time bomb. Not an especially deep spot. But. Irene was too far gone having a good time to be too far gone in any other way. For once, it occurred to her in a timely fashion that she was being rude. "Sorry. Did not mean that." Well technically she did, it was just inappropriate given the context.

'I was under your spell...' (more accurately, with Ariana's weird-ass enunciation, spayyy-el)

Damn right Irene was under a spayyy-el. Noah was back to dancing, she was back to dancing. Don't question, don't otherwise do stupid shit. Just do stupid dance. It was really that simple.

... Best dance move, huh? In the animes this was (is) the part when (I)rene pulled out the old DDR skills (break free). But this was too three-dimensional and physics-constrained for that. Okay, plan B. Irene did have other skills, to be sure. She hadn't spent her entire life doing stuff to not be able to do stuff when the time came for any of her many pseudo-skills to actually be useful. Not video games, not memorizing the entire Math book front-to-back, this was some old school Djezari talent. Gymnastics. It had only been a few years. How hard could it possibly have been to make the old muscles bend and snap that way again?

So before she could stop herself, the chorus with the kick drums and stuff was back and she was moving.

'This is-'

Irene didn't quite have the training Noah had to look as good, oh-so-good as he did, but she had a natural sense of rhythm. Her words only sometimes made sense, but her actions...

'-the part when I say I don't want it. I'm stronger than I've been before.'

... Okay, well those also only sometimes made sense. But, well, as Grande so shrilly put it:

'This is the part when I break free.'

On that Irene took her shot at the gold. Very knee and elbow heavy twists carried her forward a scant two steps, into a space that was fortunately pointed away from Noah and the bulk of the crowd, a clearing in the mass of people. She thrust her arms up and jumped. Arms soared with the soaring melody, Irene came one step closer to her childhood dreams of becoming a bald eagle on behalf of America. Balls of her heels rose, sunk, she neatly landed from her up-and-down jump. Just needed the momentum. She jumped again, this time hurling her chest forward, her dresses' (not) red glare. Legs tucked in, bursting through the air. Gave proof through the night. That Irene fucking stuck her landing. A full frontal roll from like two meager steps warm up. Virtually standing. She hadn't collided into anyone or the floor or anything, holy crap!

"Oh my god, Noah, I did it! I didn't fuck u-! Oh shit!" Well, spoke too soon. In her excitement Irene tried to run to her partner's side but forgot he was still pretty much just right there. So she essentially just hurtled straight into him, an entire Irene's worth of projectile.

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