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((Alvaro Vacanti’s Sadie Hawkins Adventure, continued from this thread))

Music. Darkness. People. Dance. Alvaro looked at the couples dancing from his spot on the sidelines of the room. He could see a couple of friends and people he knew over there. Irene was dancing with Noah. Alba, his cooking partner, was dancing with Brendan Harte, someone he occasionally talked to while at the cafe. Him? He was standing at one of the food tables, kinda close to Lily. He wasn’t right next to her, but there probably wasn’t much more than a meter of space between them. It felt a little odd, to be honest. Nothing bad though, just a little weird whenever he turned his head around the room and found that she was right next to him, in a beautiful dress that he had never seen her in before. Again, nothing bad; it was actually a pleasant kind of weird instead of a murky kind. He was at a dance standing next to the girl he loved who was willing to talk with him and make him happy. What was bad about this?

Well, admittedly he kinda wanted to dance with her, even if it was only for a couple of seconds. They had stayed near the food table for a little while now, idly chatting and looking around for a bit. For the most part he was looking at the things going on in front of him, while taking some of the foodstuffs on the table behind him. He liked the dance! The mood was nice, people looked like they were having fun, the music was songs that he had heard before and liked. Really, he had high hopes. All he needed to do was work up the courage that he needed to ask Lily if they wanted to dance. This night would be amazing, then. Maybe even the best night of his life.

And all he had to do was say a couple words. Ask a simple question. He turned to Lily, tried to look her in the eyes for a bit. It was just a couple words. He could do this. He had already confessed his feelings towards her, just saying a couple more things would be easy. He was about to open his mouth, before she asked him about the cookies.

“Oh, they’re nice! I don’t think they’re as good as the cake, though!”

He readjusted his glasses a bit, after saying that. She had interrupted him, and he had let her speak first, to his slight annoyance. Oh well, he could wait a little. He turned his head back out to the crowd, trying to see if he could find any of his friends dancing.
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