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MK Kilmarnock
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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Yeah, that was the sound of his opening kick missing. Welp, 0-1 was better than 0-100. Jerry just had to make sure to make the remaining 99 count. First, he had to follow through with the kick, since he may have put just a little bit too much force into it. Nonetheless, with all the grace of a stunted, squat little ballerina, both feet returned to the floor and Jerry spun through.


Jerry put up his dukes, caging those motherfuckers like a pro. Seriously, what good was superior reach if you're not even going to use it effectiv-


"Augh!" Jerry high-kneed it backwards, throwing a few wild rights in case Trav was stupid enough to follow up on that. Alas, he wasn't; it looked like he was content to send out the one leg. Well, there's not strategy there either, right? "Hey, Trav, there aren't any organs in my leg!" Jerry jeered.

Another step forward. Oh, that searing pain in his thigh with every step... thaaaaat's why Trav did that. Jerry didn't say anything else to that one - the expression on his countenance read clearly enough. Fine. No, really, that's cool. Jerry didn't need his leg or anything. He'd just step in all slow n' cautious-like, taking a classic Renoji-Dachi. Fuck the pain, the pain didn't exist. Okay, it totally existed... holy HELL did it exist, but... just fuck it. Fuck it right in its metaphorical, allegorical asshole.

No more fucking around.
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