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Michael had, in all honesty, felt like shit since his date with Jonathan took a sour note. He knew it was his own fault. He should have told him a bit less abruptly. He messed up. He wanted to apologize profusely, wanted to make amends somehow. Well, that's why there's always second chances. Maybe not tonight, but soon. Hopefully.

Figured he'd go to the party though, he knew Jonathan would be there. The Sadie Hawkins dance just seemed like shit anyways. Anything ran by the stiffs wasn't gonna be too interesting. But of course, since this isn't a school party, he knew he could expect drinks and smokes. 'Course he wasn't a drinker, but at least the scent of alcohol was tolerable, and at least this party was outside, so he didn't have to worry about dying of lung cancer from second hand smoke at the age of thirty three. He didn't bring much to the party, 'cept his phone and a bottle of five hour energy, and if needed he could go on a food run or something, his bike's not too far from the site. Michael saw the camp fire, and downed his shit tasting insomnia inducer. Scratch that, he had a phone and an empty bottle of five hour energy. Blegh.

As he walked towards the group, he tossed the little plastic bottle to the side, hoping to hit the trash can. It didn't, it just kind of bounced off and hit the ground. Fuck it, he wasn't turning around to pick it up, let a pigeon eat it or something. We need less pigeons anyways. Would a pigeon eat a five hour energy bottle? Fuck if Mike knew. He wasn't a bird expert. All he knew is those annoying bird fucks liked to shit on everything. He walked towards the group. Yep, there's Junko, Jonathan, some guy, Darius and Raina, (the dye job duo), uhh fuck, who was the some guy? Shit, was he a senior? Michael shrugged. Walking up to the group, he decided to finally make his presence known.

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