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Noah remained on the ground for a moment, fanning himself with his hands as he lay their in post-death drop ecstasy. He heard Irene shout about how cool that move was, giving him the validation he needed for pulling that off at a school dance.

"You think that's impressive?" he said, moving his legs around so he could have them side by side. "You should see me do that in six inch heels."

Noah twisted his body, spinning himself on the ground. He planted the side of his left thigh on the ground in order to give support so he could stand back up. Now that he was standing again, he was back to dancing the same way he was before. It was a lot of lip syncing, a lot of posing, and a whole lot of sass. The whole time, he had a large smile on his face.

"Okay, Irene," he shouted to Irene as they came to the second chorus of the song. "Now it's your turn. Show me your best dance move."

He wasn't expecting Irene to do a death drop or a split or anything crazy. Noah just wanted to see her break out more and for him to not be the only one trying to dance like crazy to the song.
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