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Jonathan was sure that he was a bit late to his friend Junko's party. He was more interested in this than that Sadie Hawkins dance. He had to be honest. Parties were more his thing than dances. He hadn't been to a party in a long time though. So he was glad that Junko had set this up for people who didn't want to go to the other thing. He was beaming brightly as he could see Junko with a couple of people already. He was pretty sure that Michael would be following after him for a fun time. He had pretty much forgiven Michael for what happened after their movie date in the past. As Jonathan didn't want to be in a bad mood for this party. Darius was already there. Great! It was good to have another friend around. Oh, Raina too! Who wouldn't recognize her by her hair colour? And uh..... some guy by the food? He had no clue who he was. Maybe he will figure out who he was soon.

"Juuuunnnkkkooo! I have finally arrived!" He cheered as he rushed up to her and he give her a quick hug. "Wow! This is a great set-up! Did you do this all by yourself? I feel bad for not helping you out. I would have if my parents weren't being too overprotective of me. They were worried about me going to a party because you know, parents being parents."

Jonathan noticed that the others were talking about some games that they could play. All of them sounded like good choices. Then they were talking about food. He would like to have some food with a drink. Should he really have some booze? He hadn't had any in a long time. So he was a bit unsure about that. The guy by the food mentioned something about hot dogs. Man, Jonathan could really go for a hot dog right now. Or Marshmallows.

"I wouldn't mind having a hotdog on a stick." He was joking as he grinned at the guy by the food. "Uh.... By the way, what's your name? Sorry, I don't recognize you at all."
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