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Brendan didn't start dancing at first as he wanted to see what Alba would do. The way that she was dancing right then just looked really adorably dorky. Hah. She was right about looking like a dork and he felt relieved. He was less nervous about dancing with her. He let out a laugh at the way Alba was moving. This night was just getting better and better with her. He noticed that other people were dancing as well. Woah. Was that Noah? Brendan gaped for a few seconds before he turned his attention back to Alba.

"You look really great, Alba!" Brendan was trying to yell back to her but his voice was too quiet. "I'm going to join the dorky side now!"

Brendan was joking with a big fat grin on his face. He started to move his left foot to one side and then his right foot to the other side. He shouldn't worry about embarrassing himself. He was then swinging his head from side to side. It was no deal at all. His head was bobbing along to the music. Just as long he didn't trip over his own feet. The song didn't sound that bad to him. Too bad he didn't know what the name of it was. He started to move more actively and he started to smile more. He really was having a great time with Alba. The night was going good so far.
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