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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Alba smiled and took Brendan's hand.

"Don't worry. If you're embarrassing yourself, I'll make a fool out of myself so we can be dorks together."

Alba pulled Brendan towards the dance floor, letting out a small cheer as they ran into the area. She let go of Brendan's hand and started to dance to the best of her abilities. This mostly meant keeping her feet planted in one spot, and awkwardly moving her hips side to side. Her arms were kept to her side, slightly bent at the elbows and moving in a somewhat circular motion. From what she could approximate, she was probably blending in with the dance crowd and wouldn't look like a total idiot dancing like this.

"Woo!" she shouted towards Brendan, trying to talk over the music. "I think I'm getting into it!"
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