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Kizi ruined the sweet moment between him and Clarice. Just the two of them, the other people in the room just being strangers despite going to the same high school for four years. All that mattered was the two of them. Clarice and Conrad.

But Kizi came and ruined it. But it was not because he hated her. No, quite the opposite was the case. She was beautiful, smart, extremely friendly and got along with Conrad well. The two of them really got along well and had shared their interests, in languages specifically. Conrad felt like Kizi could understand him and his views better and he really, really liked her. She was very sympathetic to him.

It was cute as well, how she told them and complimented him and Clarice with stating that they were being a cute couple. Conrad also liked her trivia babbling. Conrad did not knew about the velcro thing, but now did. Maybe it was also the combination of that with her constant sweet smile and her good-looking brown eyes, while wearing a dress that fit her well that made Conrad happy to see her.

Not that she'd be a better girlfriend for him than Clarice, clearly. Maybe. Clarice, he really liked Clarice. He knew her for a long time. He loved her. He really did. He knew her all his life. He also could understand her well, and she did understand him. There's no one else who understood him in sports like him. Or activism. But that was another thing where Kizi came to his life. But, he really liked her.

He couldn't explain it. Why he was thinking that. Why he would be attracted to Kizi. He was never attracted to anyone other than Clarice before, before Kizi. Love was confusing.

"Thank you very much!", he said with a gentle smile. Compliments from her were nice to hear. He was interested on her answer on the velcro mystery.

It was a weird situation he was in, dancing with the girl that he loved and then talking to the girl he really liked much. Conrad felt uncomfortable, but still had the expression as if everything was normal and Kizi was just another person. Though he was a bit more reserved.

But the fact was that Clarice was his girlfriend, Clarice was the person he loved, Clarice was the person who should get all the attention of him that night. Conrad did not think of letting his girlfriend down due to another girl.

"I agree that you look really good in the dress!"

But Kizi...

A dance with Kizi would be just as wonderful.

It was complicated.
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