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“No prob.”

Junko saw that Wayne Cox had started to make his way to the cooler to look at the hotdogs.

And then Raina showed up. Or, as Darius just called her, “Miku”. Well, she did have dyed blue hair and, from what she remembered of Anime Club meetings that didn’t have Naruto as the main theme for the day, liked Vocaloid. Still, though, she wasn’t sure if she liked being called Miku. Anyways, drinks, right.

“Hey Raina”, she replied. “Well, it was a little tricky for me to get some booze at first, but eh, I managed, you know? Let’s just say someone was willing to help me out. Sooo… there’s some canned beers, if you’re into that. A bottle of whiskey, too. Apparently it’s the cheaper kind, though. Booze is pricey it turns out. And if you don’t want booze, I have hot chocolate stuff, if you want some.”

Hell, Raina could somehow combine hot chocolate and booze, if she so wanted. Was that any good? Junko had no idea. Even if she didn’t want either, though, there was still an off chance that someone might decide to bring something. Junko could have easily forgotten something, or she did remember, but was unable to for a variety of reasons. So, don’t count on it, but there’s a shot of it happening.

Oh, a drinking game?

“There’s some cups we could use for like, shotgun or something. Or maybe Never Have I Ever or Would You Rather?” Junko said, making sure to pick up the Monster can, the smell of which confirmed her suspicions.

Again, Junko didn’t usually drink that often, but she did play a few drinking games minus the actual drinking. But Never Have I Ever was fun. The trick was to make it the most humiliating things imaginable. Like “Never have I ever shat my pants since I was a little kid” or “Never have I ever peed in a public pool”. It was more fun that way, in her opinion. Same goes with Would You Rather. The more horrifying things become, the better.

“I’m not sure it’s a good idea to start drinking on an empty stomach, though. What do you guys think?”

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