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Kizi really hated to interrupt such a graceful and meaningful dance. Truly, she did. They were an adorable company, having a fun little moment of joy and tranquility, and Kizi had been using the brief respite in conversation to chew on a couple of complementary chocolates and take some gurning Snapchats.

But there was a mystery that needed to be solved, and a practical issue that needed to be fixed, and Kizi was not exactly confident in her abilities to address either on her own, let alone balance them. "Hey, Clarice?" she asked, her tone soft, her expression one of ever slight worry.

"I hate to break you out of your dance - truly, I do," she explained, before pointing to the issue in question. "But for some really weird reason a bit of Velcro ended up stuck to the back of my dress. Well, hook and loop fastener. According to the company Velcro you can't actually call the product Velcro, Velcro's the company." She giggled slightly nervously, not sure why she had shared that bit of silly trivia she had encountered on an absentminded Wikipedia stroll while on the way to the prom.

"And I don't know how it got there. I haven't seen anyone wearing Velcro shoes - not that there's anything wrong with that - and definitely no-one's kicked me with a Velcro shoe that's fallen apart..." She paused in thought, unaware she was rambling in her speculation. "At least, not that I can remember, but I'm not really one to forget things like that. I would imagine."

"Oh! Maybe I leaned on a bag. Oh dear. I accidentally took the Velcro off someone's bag."

"Sorry to interrupt your dance by the way!" she added hastily. "Conrad, Clarice, you guys make a great couple."
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